We pride ourselves on providing the finest quality full spectrum  CBD oils on the market. Produced in the Netherlands and under strict EU agricultural standards and processing guidelines.


Our family-owned company has been supplying consumers with the premium quality CBD oils for seven years. However, we started our adventure with hemp 15 years ago. Years of experience and experimentation in combining extracts from different hemp strains, under the guidance of the best experts in Amsterdam, have allowed us to develop a unique recipe that has been appreciated by customers in more than twenty countries around the world. Our hemp farms are located in the Southern France, where the weather guarantees optimal conditions for plant growth. We work exclusively with organic farmers, of whom we know personally. After harvesting, the hemp flowers are subjected to a CO2 extraction process. This process ensures that no valuable ingredients are missing in the extract. Properly performed CO2 extraction gives us an extract with a beautiful natural color, called Full Spectrum. The oils themselves are produced in our small family workshop near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We do not use synthetic additives, we do not use refining to improve taste. Such processes, although improving taste, significantly reduce the pro-health properties of hemp. The taste of our oils is very hempy because we try to stay as close to nature as possible.

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