COVID-19 IgG / IgM Rapid Antibody Test -15min Coronavirus Testing

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Coronavirus IgG/IgM 25 Tests Cards, CE Marked, high quality.

CE Mark and ISO, SFDA certificate

Clinical sensitivity:     >87%
Clinical specificity:     >98.89%
Accuracy:                    >93.41%

Rapid test features:

Self-collection via fingerprint blood spot
Results within 15 minutes
Designed for initial rapid screening

Clinical report is available, specimen: whole blood/serum, 15 minutes to get results.

Materials included:

  1. Rapid 2019-nCoV InG/IgM Combo Test Card
  2. Sample buffer
  3. 2mL capillary pipet
  4. Lancets
  5. Instruction of use

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The general immune response to this virus includes the production of IgM
antibodies by 5th day of symptoms which remain in the circulatory
system for 30-60 days. IgG antibodies appear by the 14th day of infection
and persist for life. A secondary infection also induces an IgM antibody
response after 20 days of infection and IgG antibodies rise within 1-2
days after the onset of symptoms. Therefore, patients with secondary
infections will have a positive IgG result usually with a positive IgM
result. Thus, the use of a reliable and sensitive rapid serological test that
can simultaneously detect the presence of anti-dengue IgG and IgM
antibodies is of great clinical utility.

Serum, plasma or whole blood samples may be used with this test.
When a specimen is added to the test, anti-Coron virus IgG and IgM in
the specimen sample react with recombinant coron nucleocapsid proteins
of colloidal gold conjugates and forms a complex of antibodies and
colloidal gold conjugates. As this mixture along the length of the teat strip
by capillary action, the anti-coron virus IgG or IgM complex is captured
by the relevant anti-human IgG and or IgM immobilized in two lines
across the test strip and generate a colored line. The appearance of purple
color in a specific test region (IgG or IgM) should be considered as
positive for that particular antibody type (IgG or IgM). A purple
procedural control line should always develop on the test strip to indicate
that the test has been performed properly

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  1. Alexander

    Easy to use coronovirus COVID-19 testing kit. Lancets are now included.

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