Dutch Hemp 10% CBD Oil 1000mg – Full Spectrum

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Grown, harvested, dried and extracted in the EU from approved EU Cannabis Sativa L strains. Organically grown without pesticides or herbicides. Blended with selected MCT oil for the optimal bio-solubility and cannabinoids delivery. A 10ml pharmaceutical grade glass bottle with graduated glass dropper and wiper seal (no leaks). Non-psychoactive non-intoxicating.



Produced in Netherlands under strict EU agricultural and processing guidelines. The therapeutic potential of Dutch Hemp CBD oil is enhanced with a full-spectrum blend of active hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. Dutch Hemp CBD Oil contains over 80 active cannabinoids, many of which are known to possess their own range of health-related benefits. The therapeutic properties of CBD are amplified in the presence of other naturally occurring hemp compounds. Known as the “entourage effect,” this phenomenon is the reason why Dutch Hemp CBD oil includes the entire range of therapeutic hemp compounds, not just the active CBD component. More cannabinoid content equates to an enhanced entourage effect and ultimately, enhanced therapeutic effects. Our 100% legally-grown hemp-based Dutch Hemp CBD oil formula offers a broad-use, full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids unlike most of other product on this market. Each bottle of Dutch Hemp CBD oil contains our unique formulation with an immensely powerful cannabinoid entourage effect. Dutch Hemp Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract ensures the most accurate positive therapeutic experience. Our tinted glass bottles, which work to keep harmful UV light radiation out, include an elegant pipette dropper for simple and convenient consumption.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Extract, MCT carrier oil

Recommended use: For best results store oil in the dark cupboard at an ambient temperature. Shake well before use and put a few drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day. Leave the oil in the mouth for about one minute before swallowing. Gradually build up the dose. This is different for each individual.

35 reviews for Dutch Hemp 10% CBD Oil 1000mg – Full Spectrum

  1. Anna M

    I have severe pain in my back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, wrists and hands. So I am willing to try anything to see if it helps. I have only used this product for just over a week and I am finding relief in my knee. I will keep on taking this as I am very pleased with results so far.

  2. Casey W.

    Yes! done it’s job for all of above will definitely keep using it. Thanks dutch hemp cbd oil

  3. William

    Very Good cbd oil product…I tried a couple of others but did not work as advertised. This cbd has everything I needed. excellent.

  4. Vince S

    The product is an excellent quality cbd. Very fast delivery. I am one very satisfied customer.

  5. Colina

    I bought twice already for a family member. They seem more than happy with it. Seems to deal with a few things.

  6. Bert G.

    I’m not sure why flavour is a thing, you are having an oily substance that assists so many things, it does everything you’d expect from cannabis, personally it is helping me

  7. Arlene

    I feel such a calmness, and have no anxiety, I’m sleeping like a baby, and I’m so hungry. My painful arthritis in my hands and knees has almost disappeared, so next week I may up my dose to 4 drops twice a day. Just a wonderful product, and my second bottle has just arrived to keep my treatment on going.

  8. J TRS

    I use this product for pain from my arthritis. My daughter has a as yet undiagnosed condition and is in constant pain. This cbd oil product brings her relief that pain killers don’t.

  9. Dennis

    Very good pain relief better than other drops tried. Far better than the others. Try this cbd oil for yourself too.

  10. Amira

    Good night’s sleep with this product is almost automatic. Follow the instructions and you will have a good night sleep and relief from any discomfort.

  11. Brixel

    Second time I have bought this ! I love it really helps what ever I need it for, top sleep better , stop a hangover general health and pain relief and mind distress. Dutch Hemp is the best.

  12. Warren

    Great cbd oil product. Taste isn’t as bad as I thought. Slept amazingly!

  13. Cyma

    I’ve been using CBD oil for a few months now, but only a 5%. So I thought it was time to try a stronger percentage CBD oil to help with my arthritis, the delivery was fast and faultless, and after only 3 days using the 10% full spectrum oil, at 3 drops of it in the morning and again at teatime the results have been spectacular.

  14. Mr. Fresco

    Noticed a difference the first night! I suffer from really bad anxiety and it’s the worst at night. I can lay in bed for hours from my mind racing before I’m finally able to fall asleep. Did a few drops the night I got the oil and was asleep within minutes.. I also slept all night without interruption!!

  15. Anton

    Excellent product. Definitely recommend to everyone who wants the best cbd oil in the market.

  16. Borelio

    I started on my cbd journey 7 weeks ago for very painful arthritis in my knees. I’ve now been on Cannabi Strong for 5 days at 6 drops x3 per day (because I’ve built up over the weeks I thought I’d start higher than just a few drops). I am amazed and so happy that my knee pain is so much better I can’t believe it.

  17. Grace

    I used this product for anxiety and it has really helped.

  18. Junelyn

    Strange taste but will get used to it. Definitely helps with the pain. Would recommend this cbd oil.

  19. Dominicano

    Purchased for a friend, who says it’s great stuff, highly recommended cbd oil to all. Thank you

  20. Kelly

    The best of its type. This cbd oil product is very effective for reducing anxiety.

  21. Paolo

    sleep so much better by taking Dutch Hemp. Highly recommended to everyone. Value for money.

  22. Aurora

    Arrived in good time, does what it says on the bottle. Excellent cbd oil.

  23. Donna

    Been using this cbd oil for a few months now and it has had amazing results no more pains in my joints I would highly recommend this

  24. Kasba

    Working nicely and very effective cbd oil I tried so far. Posted my second order a minute ago. thank you.

  25. Jessie

    Dutch hemp cbd oil is an absolutely spot on first class

  26. Jackie

    I am a fan of this brand and trust it 100%, that is why I decided to but from Grounded Body! The oil has helped me become calmer, I now have less anxiety and it helps me sleep better and quicker than previous.

  27. Junmar

    Only tried for a few weeks but seems to be doing the job with anxiety calming. Thank you

  28. Tannie

    Potential for help with a lot of medical conditions especially on sleeping disorder and anxiety. Try this and you will never regret.

  29. Bradley

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis and as such suffer lots of pain in my joints, Cannabi CD oil has brought me immense relief in the short time l gave been using it and I highly recommend it, but be aware it is very expensive so follow the instructions and use it sparingly..

  30. Clarence

    Chronic joint paint and sleep problems so tried this product. Not yet up to full dose but already noticing much better sleep and less pain. Easy to take. No after effects.

  31. Thomas

    I purchased this for my husband as he is in constant pain, it has made a huge difference to him. Would highly recommend this product.

  32. Milkovic

    Having a few drops a couple of times a day has really brought a lot of relief to my neurological symptoms. Walking has improved as a result so I can exercise more & getting a deeper, better sleep. I can only put it down to this oil. It has a typical earthy taste, not unpleasant. Had a bit of a panic when it wasn’t available for a while, so stocked up. It really is worth a try.

  33. Natasha

    I’m am pleasantly surprised with this product!! First of all the packaging & instructions are perfect & easy to understand. The taste is the nicest CBD oil 👌🏻

  34. Yolly

    I am in a lot of pain in my ankles will this cbd oil help me. Will be buying again soon.

  35. Froilan

    First time i’ve used this product and i’m very impressed. Followed instructions and got results almost immediately. Will be buying it again. Excellent cbd oil!

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