Dutch Hemp 20% CBD Oil 2000mg – Full Spectrum

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Grown, harvested, dried and extracted in the EU from approved EU Cannabis Sativa L strains. Organically grown without pesticides or herbicides. Blended with selected MCT oil for the optimal bio-solubility and cannabinoids delivery. A 10ml pharmaceutical grade glass bottle with graduated glass dropper and wiper seal (no leaks). Non-psychoactive non-intoxicating.

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Produced in Netherlands under strict EU agricultural and processing guidelines. The therapeutic potential of Dutch Hemp CBD oil is enhanced with a full-spectrum blend of active hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. Dutch Hemp CBD Oil contains over 80 active cannabinoids, many of which are known to possess their own range of health-related benefits. The therapeutic properties of CBD are amplified in the presence of other naturally occurring hemp compounds. Known as the “entourage effect,” this phenomenon is the reason why Dutch Hemp CBD oil includes the entire range of therapeutic hemp compounds, not just the active CBD component. More cannabinoid content equates to an enhanced entourage effect and ultimately, enhanced therapeutic effects. Our 100% legally-grown hemp-based Dutch Hemp CBD oil formula offers a broad-use, full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids unlike most of other product on this market. Each bottle of Dutch Hemp CBD oil contains our unique formulation with an immensely powerful cannabinoid entourage effect. Dutch Hemp Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract ensures the most accurate positive therapeutic experience. Our tinted glass bottles, which work to keep harmful UV light radiation out, include an elegant pipette dropper for simple and convenient consumption.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Extract, MCT carrier oil

Recommended use: For best results store oil in the dark cupboard at an ambient temperature. Shake well before use and put a few drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day. Leave the oil in the mouth for about one minute before swallowing. Gradually build up the dose. This is different for each individual.

65 reviews for Dutch Hemp 20% CBD Oil 2000mg – Full Spectrum

  1. Rocky L

    Excellent product. The price is reasonable. I was able to get receive my order fast.

  2. Hakkim

    Finding it hard to sleep and this worked wonders. Also helped with my painful neck. Will definitely be purchasing this product again. Very pleased.

  3. Mandy

    5 drops and your asleep, some out oil out there is a con, light in colour tastes is odd. This has a bettery taste and I bought an extra two so I don’t run out highly recommended.

  4. Angelica

    Fantastic oil very happy with it and will definitely be ordering more.

  5. Brandon

    I have trouble sleeping so every night about an hour before i go to bed i take a few drops of this. I find that 3 drops are enough for me. 🙂

  6. Detty

    Since taking this product i find that i fall asleep a lot quicker and don’t wake up as often during the night. The only thing i’m not keen on is the flavour, but it’s a mild taste to me so doesn’t bother me that much. I have already recommended this to family and friends.

  7. Liezel

    Brought this cbd oil for anxiety, pain relief and relaxation, certainly does what it says – fantastic hemp oil and will be buying again . Thank you 😊👍🏼

  8. Kevin

    Very good product. I have used weaker CBD oil with little effect. After a couple of days I have definitely started to notice my pain is getting better every day. I’ve just placed my second order.

  9. Zevach

    This cbd oil seems to work the best for my chronic back pain and sleeping issues,it works highly recommend it. I suggest you start with a few drops then feel and experience the effects.

  10. Frederick

    I use it for pain relief and it helps. Wife uses it for sleep relief. Its is value for money.

  11. Jennifer

    I’ve been using different oils for some time now and THIS THING IS STRONG , I don’t suffer from any pain but it helps me to relax in the evening. 2-3 drops and I sleep like a baby. Great product!

  12. Hendricks

    The price was very reasonable this purchase. CBD oil is on top quality and very effective.

  13. Cattleya

    I’ve ordered this product several times now and think its prob best i’ve used…i’ve bought quite a few brands and Duth Hemp is the best . This cbd do them all…and its priced very fairly ..excellent product and service .

  14. Sheryl R.

    Finding it hard to sleep and this worked wonders. Also helped with my painful neck. Will definitely be purchasing this product again. Very pleased.

  15. Frederick

    I bought this product for a friend who has been in constant pain for years with her back and neck . Painkillers don’t work and most of the time she is bed bound . After a week of having these drops the pain seems more manageable . She can definitely feel the benefits and feels better in herself. The biggest thing she has noticed is how calm she feels .

  16. Hansel R

    I bought this for my dogs. 1 elderly with arthritis and 2 incredibly anxious rescues. I cannot comment on the flavour as have not tried it myself however it has definitely calmed the 2 younger ones and there is more spring in the step of my oldie. I’ve been so impressed with the effect that I have recommended it to a number of friends for similar problems.

  17. Dearlyn

    I suffer from anxiety and have used other Canabidoils in the past. I tried this particular Max strength Hemp oil and was pleasantly surprised at the result. Within an hour my anxiety was almost zero! I take this at night and have an amazing sleep, I take it again in the mornings and feel very Relaxed all day.

  18. Robin

    Brilliant stuff my partner takes it for arthritis and it does many thanks

  19. Anthony

    This product is helping with my dads rheumatics and blood pressure.

  20. Min Lee

    Have been using this to help with sleep problems. Early days as yet but does seem to be helping with quality of sleep.

  21. Renolds

    Very acceptable and helps me get a sound sleep at night.

  22. Mr Suerez

    I recently started using CBD oil as a friend recommend it to help with eczema. The Dutch hemp product is the best by far that I use.

  23. John

    Amazing the best CBD. Ive tried another one but this is the best

    It calms me down and I sleep beautifully.
    They also ship it even earlier than expected and this was super as I need the oi.

  24. Lola

    Genuine effective cbd product that works.I was skeptical at first but turned out to be the real deal. you have to try this to believe.

  25. Theodore D.

    I get better sleep as well. I actually rubbed a small amount on an arthritic finger and could not believe the difference it made. It’s so inexpensive I will use it every time I have a sore joint.

  26. Carolina M.

    This has helped tremendously. I still wake up once, but it is a big improvement. I poured some in a small jar and keep it by the bed and if I wake up and don’t fall back to sleep quickly I apply a little more to my arms and fall back to sleep. I will definitely purchase this oil again.

  27. Winston

    Excellent product. Doesn’t taste bad to me. Recommend this to family and friends. Thank you to the sellers for such a great product.

  28. Norman

    I bought this for my mum as she suffers from pain after a mini stroke…shes finds it works better than the medications the hospital give her also it has rectified a digestion problem she has..so excellent product..I’m about to order more for myself

  29. Gleb

    We know the flavour is bad but the product itself is great get headache and migraines. This has been helping. Came in fantastic time as well.

  30. Nimfa

    Still using this cbd oil and helps with relief of pain would recommend to my friends.

  31. Bergstien

    Absolutely worth every penny!

  32. Jackson

    Brilliant value for money tastes gross but only because no other flavours are added

  33. David


    That’s the words that best describes this product.

  34. Felicidad

    I’m in between knee injections for both knees an after rubbing both knees, legs, and right shoulder I rested comfortably through the night. I also have Neuropathy and I did well also for my first night. Today was also good with less pain than before using this product. I’m expecting great things

  35. Glen Mark

    I just wish they had been 10 years ago. As my grandfather(now dead) who suffered from a kind of MS may have had better quality of life is natural things like this had only been available then. My Granny(still alive) who has arthritis is going to give it a try.
    So a heart felt Thank you to Dutch Hemp form me and my family.

  36. Madonna

    Very effective for back pain & anxiety. Tastes better than oils which use hemp oil as carrier oil. Good energising and clear headed sativa effect

  37. Agnes

    My husband ordered this as I have osteoarthritis in my back and have been taking co codamol for many years. I have tried this for a day or so and really seems to help.

  38. Ted A.

    Just what i needeed perfect 100 percent to be honest.

  39. Jeremy

    my wife has been using this oil for a few wks and now says it is excellent

  40. Amari

    Used for pain relief working very well have fibromyalgia/ joint issues developing sleeping much better more regular deeper sleep. Big one for most folk having to pay for meds’ it’s a lot more reasonable priced compared to my last supplier

  41. Becky S

    This is the best hemp oil I have bought. I’m feeling so much better. Pain relief and mental state improved. Perfect.

  42. Catherine

    Very good product and company. Price shot up £10, but they emailed to explain why. Probably the best company for this cool product.

  43. Barruch

    I used this product for anxiety and stress and felt like it did help me to a certain degree.
    It helped me to be relaxed.
    Good product

  44. Felix L.

    This cbd oil really puts the fire out on pain. I wish I had known about it sooner.

  45. Vince

    i have already ordered my second bottle, i have tried a few and there all good but Dutch Hemp is my favorite so far

  46. Pia H.

    It is a great product, high strength. It helped me with my arthritis amazingly and aids sleep that I have been deprived of due to strong pain, it is A+ oil

  47. Hannah

    i am taking this and also my husband…very helpful in sleeping and also joint pain vast improvement.
    Was looking to order more of this and am very disappointed that this may not be available….shall get in touch with company as I don’t want to use any other.

  48. Yanni

    I’ve been suffering from terrible. Migraines for years at least twice a week, I’ve not had one in almost 6 weeks, my son is epileptic c and had seizures daily and he also has not had knee in 6 weeks! It works!

  49. Luka

    My husband has constant pain from a circulatory disorder. Nothing has helped, but within 2 days of starting this the pain in his feet is less. Nice job Dutch Hemp CBD oil.

  50. Andrei

    Great product tastes awful but does the job well takes a week to get in the system properly so stick with it ! My back pain is a lot better when using this product!

  51. Trevor

    Tasted hideous, but what a fantastic product. My 94yr old dad’s health has really improved . No pain, no longer anxious and sleeps well now. Miracle product

  52. Oliver

    I used the product to take down the inflammation in my joints in my hands.
    The oil works after taking for only a two to three weeks, taking a couple of drops on a morning and the same at night.
    This oil is very easy to take and has no side effects whatsoever.
    The oil does not have a nasty taste and does not leave one in your mouth.

  53. Rodgers

    This 20 percent strength is more effective for me. I find it quite a small bottle for the price but I feel much better with my fibromyalgia since taking it and that’s the most important thing for me.

  54. Gina

    “Excellent product,relief began after about 10 days, have had chronic back and knee pain which has eased dramatically.
    This is my 3rd order and I strongly recommend.”

  55. James

    Great product, very happy with strength. So far one of the best product I tried so will be reordering soon for my friend and myself.

  56. Suzanne R.

    This stuff is amazing for a sleep aid. I also notice a good pain relief for my aches. This cbd oil is the best!

  57. Susan

    I ordered this hoping for help with Fibromyalgia pain and brain fog. It is probably too soon to tell, I intend to continue use. Taste is ok and am putting it under my tongue for a minute or two. I am extremely impressed with what it does for skin and nails and even a year old scar.

  58. Sweetie

    Now my pain has gone, My bowels are back to normal and I am feeling much more interested in life.
    Oh did I forget to tell you my age, I am 78 years old, you are never to old to make changes in your life.

  59. Megan

    It is absolutely grim tasting, but definitely works. Effectively distresses me, use it pretty much every day now.

  60. Brandie

    This CBD oil is one of the best and strongest I have ever experienced. The price is great as well, hopefully it would not increase over the time.

  61. Svanas

    My Mother has been in chronic pain and this really has worked to relieve her pain. I would highly recommend this product. Good job Dutch Health

  62. Henry

    I like the convenience of the pump that comes with it, and the rich color of the oil. I bought it to go into my morning smoothies as one of very many ingredients so can’t really speak to its flavor, but I do believe the maker’s carefully crafted, detailed description.

  63. Baste

    I’m 70 yrs old and have used numerous oil and lotions for my skin, this cbd oil has been the best. After a few weeks, I noticed a marked difference in skin texture. Love it, have ordered more.

  64. Mel Andrew

    What I liked about this product was the fact it helped with the pain in my knees. Wasn’t too keen on the taste. Once you drink some liquid after the taste disappears. As this product worked for me I would think about ordering again

  65. Tadaka

    Great! Have been diagnosed with early PD and consider miraculous! and that’s after a week. Dutch Hemp cbd oil is the best!

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